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*UPDATED* Hospital visiting changes, home testing kits, Vaccine info, general info and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.

Presentations and Videos

David Stewart
Clinical Lead for MFT

In this series of videos, David Stewart (Clinical Lead for the Moving Forward Together Programme), talks about the strategy to develop health and social care services across Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Andy Winter
Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV / eHealth consultant

Andy talks about...

  • eHealth transformation
  • records available, rarely missing nowadays
  • need to think about how we can use these tools further
  • results arrive quickly
  • find out about a patient quickly instead of writing letters and waiting for a reply!
  • patients can message me and I can reply when issues come up
  • exciting programme because of involvement of practitioners and public
  • it’s a long term vision
  • our chance to get health care right for the future

Mike McKirdy
Consultant Breast Surgeon, RAH Paisley

Mike talks about...

  • Working in a team specialising in breast cancer
  • Increasing numbers of people to try and diagnose
  • Expert teams that focus in on a particular disease
  • The need to co-locate and use specialist equipment
  • Specialist teams in fewer locations but better outcomes for patients
  • Expert teams now mean people are living much longer following surgery than in previous years
  • Shaping services so that they are appropriate  and people can be seen quickly and looked after properly

Tricia Moylan
Consultant Physician, Older Peoples services, based in south sector

Tricia talks about...

  • big team
  • rehabilitation
  • we want people to live an independent and active life
  • we need to change to provide the best care that people deserve
  • more links with community and care homes
  • best experience in hospital and return home soon
  • we provide better care at home
  • less disruption for e.g. dementia, less difficult for carers and relatives
  • intermediate care
  • MFT opportunity to provide seamless care in the right setting at the right time

Michael Smith
Lead Associate Medical Director Mental Health, Consultant psychiatrist

Michael talks about...

  • referral to MH services increasing in all age population
  • self referral - chance to speak to clinician
  • old hospitals have gone
  • focus on care and treatment in community
  • accessible services more useful to people in their everyday lives
  • people get seen and treated earlier, before they are very unwell
  • joining up health and social care is key to mental health
  • MFT means we invest in future not the past
  • commit to everybody that everyone gets all they need, but not more than they need!

Hector Macdonald
GP at Port Glasgow Health Centre, Clinical Director Inverclyde HSCP

Hector talks about...

  • noted changes over 17 year career as GP
  • age, living longer with many illnesses and medications
  • care input from all different kinds of professionals
  • better informed population nowadays
  • higher expectations
  • computerisation has made GP easier
  • online information for patients and ways to engage
  • face to face contact is still at the core, especially at difficult times
  • being able to empathise is still vital
  • other services are often more appropriate for first contact nowadays e.g. paramedic or nurse visits to home.

Pamela Vaughan
NHSGGC Physiotherapist, A
dvanced Practice in Respiratory Care

Pamela talks about...

  • how best to deliver in the future
  • patients managing 3-4 chronic conditions
  • patients need access to support and care
  • better to look after at home
  • can manage patients at home
  • specialists and GPs send patients to us
  • we can offer physical treatment and exercise that avoids medications and side effects
  • patients can look after themselves and avoid trips to GP and hospital
  • looking to deliver virtual clinics via phone and web chat for routine and 'good news' appointments.


David Dodds
Chief of Medicine, Regional Services / Clinical Oncologist Beatson Cancer Centre

David talks about

  • The increased multidisciplinary input in cancer treatment and care over the last 5 to 10 years
  • The increasing complexity of cancer treatments and complexity of individual cancer patients
  • The influence of technology and in particular radiotherapy where it has driven huge improvements
  • Use of artificial intelligence and computing to generate treatment plans and molecular genetics to determine drug treatments for cancers
  • How specialist treatments need to be delivered in specialist centres
  • Services that might be delivered in the community such as dispensing some oral chemotherapy

Ian Ritchie
NHSGGC Board Member, Retired Orthopaedic Consultant 

Ian talks about...

  • Providing 21st century care for the whole population of Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Population has changed and people are living longer, some with more than one health condition
  • The systems and structures of the NHS need to change to manage more people living with long-term conditions
  • Services becoming more specialised and a need to concentrate them in fewer locations in pursuit of first class care

MFT Stakeholder Reference Group

Five members of the Moving Forward Together Stakeholder Reference Group made videos to provide feedback about their involvement, participation and what they think about the Moving Forward Together Programme.

The Stakeholder Reference Group is made up of patients, service users and carers or representatives from groups’ or organisations’ that represent them and was established to support how the Moving Forward Together Programme will inform and engage with the wider public.

Susan McDonald - Active Communities, Manager

Susan is the manger of a Third Sector community-led health project in Renfrewshire and an active member of Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership Specialty Planning Group.

Anne Marie Kennedy - Moving Forward Together Representative

Anne Marie coordinates a volunteer driver service in East Renfrewshire and sits on the East Renfrewshire Integrated Joint Board as the voluntary sector rep as well as being an active participant on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde groups looking at the Patient and Carer Experience. 

Morag Cullen
Volunteer Guide at the QEUH, patient and retired nurse

Morag talks about...

  • felt we were listened to
  • hopeful when this is being rolled out the public will see that a lot of patients and carers are involved

Janice Woodburn

Janice talks about...

  • look at the way forward for healthcare as it needs to evolve
  • really interesting to see what will happen in the future
  • strong confidence that what we discuss will be taken forward
  • work behind the scenes is taking the health service forward and people are willing to listen to patients like me
  • key message: things are going to change, you might see other people, it's about using the resource we have more efficiently

Martin Brickley
(Retired), Public Partner East Dunbartonshire HSCP

Martin talks about...

  • every specialist has been very understanding in their presentations
  • now we have confidence to ask questions and the information we give has been listened to
  • modern medicine has changed everything we do
  • we have to look at a different way of approaching our own health and how we get treatment
  • far better we are involved in prevention instead of having to go to hospital to get a cure!

MFT - Whole System Event

30th January 2018, City Chambers Glasgow

The playlist below will play each of the individual presentations in order.  If you wish to to view a particular presentation, you can use the Next button (next to the Pause button) to skip through each one.  Alternatively, clicking on the YouTube button will open the playlist there to view individual presentations.