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What did Stakeholder Reference Group participants think about the Programme and their involvement

To date, the Stakeholder Reference Group Group has met eight times and heard presentations and been provided with information about why the Moving Forward Together Programme thinks health and social care services need to change and what these changes might look like. All the presentations and a Group approved commentary of each of the meetings have been available online as the Group members agreed that this approach was a good way to share information more widely and importantly to let other people know what they, as public representatives think about the Programme.

“As someone who has been part of similar work in previous years, there is a change in how people are being involved. I welcome this early involvement and recognise it’s not just a necessary evil for the public to be involved, but the most productive way to work together.”

Feedback from those participating on the Group has been largely positive; they have said the information presented to them by the different experts from across the health and social care system was clear and easy to understand. They all agreed that in order to cope with the predicted future demand that services need to develop new ways of working and that people need support to better understand how to access and use these.

“More services closer to home was is positive move; however these services should be described in ways that align them with independence and self management.”

“A lot of what we need to do is also reliant on how we change culture about how and when people access services”

Beyond this they also felt strongly that people need to be empowered to have more control of their health. This includes more ways in which they can improve their physical and mental health to prevent the need to use services, but also that people living with or supporting those with long-term conditions need to be more involved in decisions about their treatment and care.

“There needs to be a focus on prevention and health improvement needs to be considered - this is key to having more people living independently at home.”

“People need to feel more empowered to be in control of their own health and decisions about it

“Technology is fantastic for improving access, efficiency and safety; however it should never be a substitute for the relationships that need to be developed between people that enable good advice to be given and for this to be trusted.”

The Group’s feedback provided insights for the content of key messages and shaped the type of information materials that were developed and the approach used for wider public engagement such as developing videos of staff talking about transformation.  Not only this, the Group agreed to work with us to develop videos that described their involvement and what they thought about the Programme. Click on the links below to hear directly from the Group Members.

Anne Marie