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East Renfrewshire

Working with colleagues from East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership we held two public meetings to hear feedback about local priorities, plans and work underway that aligned with the strategic vision for health and social care services in across Greater Glasgow and Clyde set out in Moving Forward Together.

The first was held in the Redhurst Hotel in Giffnock on 30 April with 24 people participating and the second was in Barrhead at the Foundry with 26 people participating. At both meetings there was a presentation delivered by Julie Murray, Chief Officer for East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership, and Fiona McKay, Deputy Director of Planning for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. 

The presentation provided high level detail about the East Renfrewshire population, the current and expected future demands for health and social care services and the services in place and being developed to meet these. There was also an overview of the Moving Forward Together Programme with a description of how local services and future plans aligned with the Vision set out in Moving Forward Together. 

Following the presentation there was whole audience question and answer sessions with a summary of the key themes people asked and provided feedback about below. This includes any feedback we heard when people spoke to us one-to-one whilst viewing the storyboards on display covering the following topics:

  • Anticipatory Care Planning – What Matters to You
  • Attend Anywhere Video conferencing with your GP or Nurse
  • Community Led Support / Talking Points
  • Home Health Monitoring
  • Identifying Frailty and Risk of Falls and Prevention Early Intervention Support
  • Intensive Rehabilitation in the Local Community
  • Know Who to Turn To – See the Right Person, right time in the right place
  • Moving Forward Together
  • Technology Enabled Care
  • The Market Place
  • Your Voice in Health and Social Care

Questions and audience feedback:

At both meetings we asked people tell us what they thought local plans and the direction of travel set out by the Moving Forward Together Programme; and to tell us ‘what matters most’ so that we can develop health and social care services that meet people’s needs. We record all feedback and will review this to help us develop services and with future engagement; however for this commentary we have summarised the key themes and feedback from both sessions as:

  • How will transformation be delivered with the current lack of resources in terms of expert staff and the well-publicised financial challenges facing health and social services?
  • Is there a timescale for transformation and when will the public start to notice that health and social care has changed? However, people recognised that this cannot be done overnight and will take time
  • There needs to be more done to support self-management and improving general wellbeing and the community connector model to signpost people to a range of support is good. However, when people need access to services and in particular mental health then these need to be available to prevent worsening or crisis
  • Recognition that technology will have a huge role to play and welcome the control that this can offer people through access to information and self-monitoring; however there needs to be caution for those who don’t or cannot use technology
  • How will health and social care deal with inappropriate demand and improper use of services by some people – for example use of accident and emergency services for non-urgent and routine care?
  • Engagement is good but there is a need to make more people aware of changes required and get them involved at a local level going forwards
    • What involvement has there been from the Third Sector in developing the Programme as they have a critical role to play?
    • There is a need to tap into education and the younger generation via schools further education as they can change how they use services, influence others and tell us what they want in the future
  • Welcome more services being delivered local and understand the need to travel for specialist treatment and care – however need consider that travel for some without a car and in particular the elderly can be difficult
  • Use more stories, real life examples and different forms of media to illustrate to people how services have and will change as these can deliver messages to people with different needs more effectively to improve their knowledge and understanding
  • Acknowledgement that health and social care services need to change and that everyone will need to do their bit to support this

Storyboards and networking:

When people were talking to us specifically about Moving Forward Together as they viewed the information presented on the storyboards they told us:

  • Following treatment and care for something complex there is a real fear that you are going to lose access to the experts and the fact you are discharged from care make it seem one-way. Something more flexible might give people more confidence to self-manage knowing they can access expertise if required
  • From what I’ve heard technology could really help change things, but if people are like me and don’t use or understand it then more needs to be done to explain it to them so they won’t feel left behind
  • Technology could be used to inform educate people when they are waiting for appointments e.g. a digital jukebox or something interactive about whatever they are there for that day. Also use more graphics to get complex information across to people and this can also work for people that for whatever reason don’t process lots of written information well
  • More needs to be done to involve other community planning partners and the key role they can have in helping keeping people out of hospital and independent e.g. the housing sector


East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership also asked people to complete and evaluation form and the majority of people who did stated; they were glad they attended; found the meeting interesting and useful; and those who contributed felt their input was valued:

“Good being brought up-to-date about changes. I like how East Ren Health and Social Care Partnership values their resident.”

The Moving forward together Programme would like to thank East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership for the opportunity to present and importantly thanks to all those who participated and provided feedback on the day.

If you attended this event and would like to provide further comment then you can email us at: